The Orville season 3: Seth MacFarlane on the benefits of Hulu move

OrvilleWill The Orville season 3 moving to Hulu lead to some changes to the series? The short answer is yes, though it remains to be seen just how significant some of those changes are going to be.

In a new post on Twitter, show creator Seth MacFarlane noted that one change following the move could have to do with episode length. Because Hulu isn’t as beholden to specific episode lengths as the show was over on Fox, they can continue to work towards giving you “a little movie each week.” That’s something that the show seemed especially interested in emphasizing in the second season, which is when creatively the story went to new heights with some wonderful, character-specific arcs including the “Identity” story with Isaac and some of what we saw Gordon go through near the end of the season.

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One important thing that was snuck into Seth’s tweet were the words “each week,” meaning that if that idea sticks, the show will still only be airing a new episode a week after its arrival on Hulu late next year. While we know that there are a lot of people who would love to binge them all at once, this remains our preference for a show like this. A part of what makes The Orville so great is that each one of the episodes has some room to breathe and gives viewers to discuss what happened and get excited for the next installment.

As for the idea of season 3 being the end of the road for The Orville, it doesn’t seem as though that is currently the plane. MacFarlane noted that it would be fun for the show to go long enough so that it could eventually have a movie or two — we do think moving to Hulu comes with lower ratings expectations and, in between that and the show’s devoted following, we’re staying cautiously optimistic that there is still hope here for the future.

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