‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: When will Lea Michele, Chris Colfer return to Ohio?

Thus far on “Glee,” everything that we have seen involving both Kurt and Rachel has been under the bright lights of New York City. Will that stay that way forever? Far from it; as a matter of fact, we can confirm for sure that we will see both Lea Michele and Chris Colfer taping in some rather familiar settings in a matter of just a few short episodes.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on this very subject, Michele explained that it is really the musical of “Grease” that helps to get the New York members of the show’s cast back back at McKinley High; with this in mind, however, you are probably not going to expect that many smiles from the pair. Even though they obviously are interested still in supporting Finn (who is now the director for the project) and Blaine (who is still a student), they are going to be in a far different place in their personal lives than they were a matter of months ago:

“It definitely isn’t simple; it’s filled with a lot of weird emotions as all breakups are. It is important for people to also see Rachel independent and single. I love working with Cory and feel like I do a lot of my best work with him, so that part sucks.”

Michele also predicted that even though she has a potential new love interest waiting in the wings in Brody (Dean Geyer), she actually does believe as though Rachel will be better off staying single for at least the time being so that she can find herself, and eventually learn just how to actually be a little bit of a better girlfriend to someone when she is in a relationship.

Do you think Rachel and Kurt coming back to watch “Grease” bodes well for both the future of Finchel and Klaine?

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