‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Watch Dexter vs. Ray, part 2 (video)

On this past episode of “Dexter,” we saw our main serial killer dealing with a situation that he is not often accustomed to: having a target that not only got away, but did so because he was trying to do the right thing and justify his kill to his sister.Now that this man in Ray has killed again, you better be sure now that all bets are pretty much off.

In the first sneak peek released by Showtime for Sunday night’s new episode “Run,” you really get a pretty fantastic sense of just what we are talking about here as we see Dexter get into a physical altercation with the man just as he was trying to find himself the perfect hiding place to needle him. Dexter has faced some pretty big guys before in combat, but this is going to be one of the hardest. Why? Ray’s been juicing up, so he is going to have all of this extra rage pent up inside of him that is ready and willing to explode all over the place.

Do we believe that Dexter is going to end up winning this battle? Of course; as a matter of fact, that seems like one of the easiest questions in the world to answer. Really, it feels like the larger question for our killer here is just how he is going to justify doing what he has done to Deb; even though she seems to be warming to the idea of him taking the guy out, there’s a difference between talking about it and actually seeing it happen. After all, this would be Dexter’s first kill since she found out everything about his past.

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