Is Jason Dohring leaving Veronica Mars; is Logan dead? (season 4 finale)

Is Jason Dohring leaving Veronica Mars following the season 4 finale, and is Logan dead? These are the questions that those final minutes are forcing so many to wonder, and they are painful questions indeed. As a matter of fact, every little thing about this situation is painful. We could be losing a beloved character and, beyond that, could be bearing witness to one of the biggest television twists that we’ve ever had a chance to see.

What happened? Without further ado, Logan appears to have died via explosion at the end of season 4, and it’s one of the most shocking ways to send that character off we could imagine. Veronica and him went through so much through the first four seasons and this was an opportunity for the two of them to be happy — yet, this strips that away and leaves Veronica heartbroken and completely changed. It also deprives viewers of one of their favorite TV relationships … provided that it sticks.

At the moment, we’ve got zero reason to think anything other than that this twist could end up being definite. We’ve been around the TV block for long enough to feel pretty confident in that very thing. Yet, at the same time we recognize here that “death” doesn’t always stick as you would think and until a season 5 happens, we have a hard time buying into anything. We’ll continue to press onward with the belief, however delusional it may be, that there is a chance to bring this character back.

So, for now, mourn the character we lost — we don’t want to have too much hope that Logan’s somehow still up there, but we’ve seen enough television over the years to know that anything can happen. (If this death does stick, is it one of the cruelest twists we’ve seen? We understand the idea of wanting to tell more stories in Neptune and beyond, but doing so at the expense of one of the things viewers loved most about the show just doesn’t feel right. There’s already a lot of anger out there and it’s probably going to escalate as more viewers find out about it.)

What do you think about the Veronica Mars finale — do you think that Jason Dohring is gone, and the world of this show as we knew it is forever over? Be sure to share in the comments.

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