‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: Gemma and Clay in the crosshairs (video)

As though things were not crazy enough on “Sons of Anarchy” this season, they are about to get even crazier courtesy of Tuesday night’s new episode. Why? Let’s just say that many characters across the board are going to find themselves in some rather precarious positions.

First things first, let’s start with Clay, who is going to have to be on the defensive more than ever now that we know he was involved in the home invasions that we have seen the past few weeks. Then again, the great thing about Ron Perlman’s character is that he is the sort of man who does really not seem to care about being in a defensive position at all. He not only does what he wants, but he does so whenever he wants to do it. This put some of the other characters on the show in a tricky position when it comes to how to deal with him.

As for someone else who is going to be targeted next week, let’s just say that things are not going to be looking good for Joel McHale’s character of Warren. For some reason, he makes the stupid move to try and swindle Gemma of all people, likely not knowing that her son is the head of a deadly biker gang that will hunt him down and possibly take him out. Expect some sort of manhunt to happen here, and for the consequences to be far worse than what Warren probably imagined when he came up with his not-so-great idea during this week’s episode.

What storyline are you the most excited to see this coming episode: that of Clay, Gemma, or of some other members of SAMCRO who are not mentioned really in the promo?

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