Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 10 review: Pachakutiq; is Davis dead?

Agents of SHIELD

Tonight on Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 10, what we ended up seeing was an episode that was exceptional despite also feeling a little more low-button than any standard episode of the show. Almost all of it was combined to just a few moves, but it featured Izel transferring herself from one body to the next.

Most of the theories entering tonight’s new episode of the show turned out to be true. It just so turns out that Izel had possessed Melinda May at the time in which she shot Sarge and, from there, she found herself transferring her body from one person on to the next within SHIELD. This was her way to torment most of the agents and make every single one of them suffer. Izel also managed, in her show of strength, to cause the body of one character to fall on the floor.

Losing Davis was a horrific blow — he may not be a regular in the way of a Simmons or a May, but he’s been an important part of the show for some time.

As for Sarge, he was able to formulate a miraculous recovery on the back on him being … well, whoever he is. He got better from his shooting in record time and that led to questions aplenty … but we didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. Instead, we had Izel taking over the body of Mack in order to find a way to get some of what she wants — Monoliths. Those with the the power of create. If the first monolith was space and the second was time, what if the third was creation?

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Basically, Fitz’s suggestion that Coulson’s past work through space and time ended up creating an alternate Coulson — enter Sarge. It was a complicated theory but enough for us to think about as Izel got a hold of the gravitonium device — the thing with the power of all three devices put into it.

The revelation that we learned tonight were that Sarge wasn’t hunting for Izel — instead, he was “longing” for Izel. The game of cat and mouse wasn’t what you would have expected. Yet, this Sarge in whatever form that he is in inherited Coulson’s body — maybe he augmented from who he once was so long ago. He’s something and someone different now and if what Izel said was true, it means that maybe what’s left of the real Phil Coulson is keeping him from wanting to work with her.

Also, remember this word: pachakutiq. The death of everything. With the shrike and their power, that could be a part of what’s coming. After her confrontation with Sarge, we saw at the end of the episode tonight Izel took over Yo-Yo’s body and escaped. Mack went with her, but as a means of monitoring and trusting the team. That was all he could do.

CarterMatt verdict

This episode is truly out there — it’s one of the craziest that we’ve seen on the show so far this season. At the same time, it may also be one of the most entertaining. There was so much great stuff in here from start to finish, whether it be what happened to Davis to also whether or not Coulson can be extracted from Sarge. One way or another, Clark Gregg’s character is going to be key to either saving the world or destroying it.

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