Blue Bloods season 10 spoilers: Callie Thorne returning

Blue Bloods season 10

We told you earlier today that Blue Bloods season 10 was filming in New York City with Donnie Wahlberg. Now, we’ve also got news on the first guest star of the season — and it’s a familiar face!

In a post on his Instagram Stories, Donnie can be seen on set with his co-star Marisa Ramirez and then also Callie Thorne, who played the psychic Maggie Gibson on the CBS show last season. She had a good back-and-forth with Danny the last time we saw her on the show, so who knows what their story will bring! It’s possible that she becomes a possible love interest, but we wouldn’t bank on that for sure just yet. If you’ve watched Blue Bloods with regularity over the years, then you probably know that they, as a series, like to take their time when it comes to unleashing some of their subplots. We just got done with the buildup of one romance with Jamie and Eddie; would they build up another so soon?

Regardless of whatever Maggie is on the show to do this time around, we’re always glad to see Thorne with a major role. In addition to being a part of this show last season, she also made some more appearances as attorney Nikki Stained over on Law & Order: SVU, where she got embroiled in a storyline involving horrific police attorney Rob Miller. his eventual arrest ended up being what defined the end of the season and led to the departure of Peter Stone from the world of the show.

Blue Bloods season 10 will premiere on CBS this September. Given that we’ve already got news on one returning guest star within the span of a few short hours, we have a feeling that there will be more coming up as the weeks and months go along. There isn’t often huge press releases around castings, but a little bit of social-media scouring often does the trick.

(Photo: CBS.)

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