‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: Ethel has help (photo)

For our final photo preview for Sunday night’s new episode of “Downton Abbey,” we are presenting what in many ways is a continuation of the story we posted yesterday concerning Ethel. Based on what we saw in the previously-released photo, it was looking as though her new employment with Isobel was not going to be working out particularly well. Why? The issue here really just comes down to one thing: she can’t cook, and she is going to be a continual disappoint until she figures it out.

Luckily, the latest photo we have does make it look as though the former “woman of the night” now has a new fairy godmother in Mrs. Patmore. She arrives at her new place of employment carrying that looks to be something rather valuable, and we are hoping that it is a list of ingredients or recipes that she can follow. After all, the structure of this show at the moment is set up so that we do want to root for Ethel to succeed, especially after she ended up giving up her child in a move to ensure that they could have the best upbringing possible without being weighed down by constant stress and uncertainty.

With there only being a few episodes left this season, we have to hope that Ethel comes up with some sort of revelation or understanding with what is going to happen with her soon; otherwise, she will clearly be in some trouble soon and possibly even out of a job.

What do you think about Mrs. Patmore being so kind as to lend Ethel a hand here?

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