Who is the best Arrowverse hero? Oliver Queen, Alex Danvers, Nia Nal, Laurel Lance

ArrowverseWelcome to round two of our CarterMatt Favorite Arrowverse Hero polling series! In the first round, we brought you 16 of the most-notable heroes within the CW – DC Comics world, and now, we’re down to the top eight.

In this poll, we’re spotlighting the first group of four competing for a spot in the finals — Nia Nal and Alex Danvers of Supergirl and then also Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance from Arrow — clearly, these two shows were the most popular in round 1 of the polls! We’re expecting a fun showdown here between these four, but only two will move on to the finals!

Voting Rules – Voting will remain open until Wednesday, July 24 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time; the advancing heroes will take part in round 3, which will begin a little later that same day. You can vote however many times you’d like, but as a reminder, two heroes are moving on. If your favorite is not in the lead, they still have a chance of advancing.

Oliver Queen – It’s so interesting entering San Diego Comic-Con this weekend knowing that it is the final season of Arrow. What a strange, incredible journey it’s been. It’s also interesting to think about how Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Colin Donnell, David Ramsey, and Willa Holland were billed as some of the early stars of the show. Of them, Stephen and David are the only ones who have been in virtually every episode as the same character. Oliver’s been a constant, and a foundation for the entire Arrowverse.

Alex Danvers – Alex Danvers is a constant in her own way, but more as a grounding force in her sister Kara’s life. That made the story last season about the Supergirl secret so heartbreaking. She’s someone who understands Kara better than anyone, but her role on this show is far more than just emotional anchor. She’s also a gifted crime-fighter in her own right and a leader for everyone who comes into contact with her at the DEO.

Nia Nal – Season 4 served as the introduction to Dreamer. Season 5, meanwhile, should be the opportunity where she gets to shine. Through this season, you should see her understand and utilize her powers — and for the writers to do very much the same. We know that she’s a hero both in terms of powers and in message, but what she provides is an opportunity to expand the ways how someone can be heroic. There’s so much ground to explore.

Laurel Lance – No doubt, the Laurel that Cassidy is playing now is very much different from the she was playing way back when this show first started. Yet, we’ve seen the redemption of Black Siren just as we saw the journey of the Black Canary through the first three years. When it comes to playing a wide range of emotions and motivations, we’re not sure that anyone has gone through more on Arrow than Katie has as a performer. Now, we get to see Laurel’s legacy shape itself in the final season.

Now, let’s turn this to you

Who is your favorite Arrowverse hero in this batch? Be sure to share in the comments, and stick around for some more updates.

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