‘The Vampire Diaries’ preview: Ian Somerhalder’s Damon a suspect (video)

On Thursday night’s new episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we are going to see Elena try and figure out just how she wants to live as a vampire, including whether or not she can actually go her entire life (which is pretty much forever, given that she is now immortal) on a diet that consists largely of animal and not human blood. Before we get to that, however, there is another issue at hand: the fact that the entire council of Mystic Falls saw themselves blown to smithereens in what felt almost like a cop-out move during the season 4 premiere.

So why is Damon going to be a suspect? Well, it’s really just because he is Damon. During the latest preview clip below, Ian Somerhalder’s character is questioned by Elena over whether or not he was really behind blowing everyone up, and thus freeing all vampires in the fictional Virginia town of any suspicion. His answer? That it was him … and he is telling the truth.

As for Elena’s quest to avoid human blood, it’s fair to say that it’s not going very well. Rather than seek out the help of her boyfriend Stefan, she instead opts to ask Damon for assistant with his realist views on being a vamp; this could mean, however, that she ends up feeding on a human far earlier than Stefan would like. Can anyone say Salvatore brother tension? You can bet on it happening, and we even have some evidence to back it up from the episode.

Be sure to check back here after the episode airs, as we will have our full review of the madness that unfolds.

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