Blue Bloods season 10: Is Donnie Wahlberg back on set?

Blue Bloods season 10

Is the Blue Bloods season 10 cast back on set and at work? We’ve got some early evidence now that this is the case, and it’s courtesy of Donnie Wahlberg!

If you head over to the actor’s official Instagram Stories for the day, you can see Donnie in his dressing room — and also dressed as a certain detective by the name of Danny Reagan. We knew that filming was kicking off this week, but the show’s done a good job of keeping us waiting for as long as possible for any sort of news about it.

With Donnie and the rest of the cast getting back to work, you better believe that we’re in for a great season! There’s going to be a lot of exciting drama this time as the Reagans move into yet another new point in their lives. Danny’s going to be thinking about next steps with his kids growing up while Jamie and Eddie will be getting adjusted to being newlyweds. There’s also their position at work, and there could be many big storylines that come from some of their colleagues knowing that the two are a married couple. Erin will continue to have a lot of responsibility while Frank just continues to be Frank. There’s no real way for him to rise up the ranks any further at the NYPD when he is already the man in charge, but at the same time they have done a great job in the past at giving him some really compelling story lines and we are expecting more to come.

Blue Bloods season 10 will premiere on CBS this September and we’ve already composed a list of things to both expect and not expect. We hope that there is at least some casting news that comes out over the next few weeks; otherwise, we don’t expect too many other details. This show has a tendency to keep its stories close to the vest. Just remember that they were able to hide what was going on with Linda Reagan’s death for months leading up to the premiere. That was one of the biggest surprises in recent television history.

Are you happy that Blue Bloods season 10 is gearing up?

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(Photo: CBS.)

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