Love Island USA episode 8: Winston Hines of Big Brother arrives

Love Island

We’ll be honest — when we first heard that Winston Hines was going to be on Love Island, we thought it was a joke. It wasn’t an offense to Winston, but we’ve just started to become cynical to the notion of reality TV personalities posting on social media about appearing on another reality show.

Yet, the Big Brother 20 alum made his first appearance on Thursday night’s new episode and, soon after that, did his best in order to impress Kyra. He made it clear on their date from the get-go that he was interested in finding someone and he hadn’t had a serious relationship for the past couple of years. He said that most of his friends in Kentucky were married and he wants to be in their shows.

It was weird seeing him in a totally different house after seeing him for so long on Big Brother, but it was almost hilarious that nobody in there seemed to have any clue of who he was. Clearly, these people weren’t sitting around and watching CBS last summer.

As for whether or not Winston and Kyra had an instant love connection, it didn’t seem like it. She’s too deep into her relationship with Cashel right now.

As for the rest of the episode, you can’t be altogether shocked that not that much actually happened. That’s kind of one of the quirks of this show — very little rarely ever happens other than the occasional breakup or watching people leave the villa. It’s more just about seeing the ebbs and flows of each relationship.

While Winston’s future is far from assured, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to have anything to worry about in the near future. Over the next few days, he’ll get a chance to spend some more time with the men and women. The votes tomorrow night are going to be counted when it comes to the remaining couples … and the results of it, per Narrator Guy, are going to be “epic.” He just so happens to not have to worry about that — he’s immune.

The one other relationship update we’ll talk about here is the one between Cashel and Kyra — they are moving forward, but he seems more ready to commit than she is. That could have far-reaching consequences, no?

What did you think about Winston Hines on Love Island USA?

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