NCIS season 17: Will anyone else catch on to Bishop, Torres?

Bishop and TorresMrs. Carter: The future of Bishop and Torres on NCIS season 17 is a little more complicated than it has been in the past now that people are noticing that spark!

Think back to the end of season 16 and the small, but very important line thrown in there by Kasie in relation to how Nick feels about Bishop. It’s clear to Kasie that he has feelings for her. As for how much he’s willing to express it, well that’s a different story. Maybe he isn’t even willing to recognize them in himself, but it’s something that could manifest itself more now that it’s been said out loud by Kasie. Someone like Nick may have been burying how he feels about her, but with Kasie bringing it into the light he may find himself having to deal with it.

Also, it’s possible that someone else could start to mention this to Nick and cause him to think about his feelings even more. There are SO many interesting stories that could come from this, especially when you start to think about McGee. Why him? He works alongside Bishop and Torres on a regular basis and we could see him being a great conduit of conversation. If nothing else, he could be someone for Torres to talk about this stuff too if Nick was the sort to open up. Tim’s seen people develop feelings for each other on the job before — one of them (Cote de Pablo’s Ziva) is back for the premiere!

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If Tim recognizes something in Torres’ feelings for Bishop, this is a conversation I’d like to see explored — and the same goes for someone like Jimmy Palmer, who is someone that has a bit of a bond with Torres after their crazy night out that landed them covered in paint and in a holding cell. Jimmy also had a relationship with Ziva where the two had plenty of conversations separate from just the case and maybe he is someone who could see something in Ellie/Nick and if he does, he’s definitely someone who would vocalize it.

At this point, it feels like NCIS is moving in a particular direction when it comes to Bishop and Torres as characters. The question becomes just how fast they want to pursue it — beyond that, there’s also the question of how they want to pursue it. Kasie referencing it to Nick was a foundation; if a couple more people start to bring it up, then I imagine there could be some more action where Torres is going to have to deal with it. It’s not something that will happen right away in season 17, but it could blossom more as the story goes along.

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