Grey’s Anatomy season 16 spotlight: Andrew DeLuca looks ahead

Andrew DeLucaWhat could be coming up for Andrew DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy season 16? We’re back with another edition of our show spotlight series and with DeLuca, there’s a lot to go through here.

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Let’s not spend too much time on the build-up here, given that it should be abundantly clear what the first order of business is with Andrew: Finding a way in order to ensure that he stays gainfully employed. He tried to take the fall for Meredith with the insurance-fraud storyline, but she is doing everything in her power to ensure that his plan doesn’t stick. She wants to fight her own battles rather than having someone else fall on their own sword for her and that’s an admirable thing. It was also admirable that Andrew wanted to protect her.

So, for DeLuca moving forward, one priority is to learn who Meredith Grey is and how she wants to navigate these sort of situations. That’s one of the best ways to ensure that this relationship stays afloat in all of the weeks and months to come.

Beyond just DeLuca securing his job and his relationship, there are other questions on our mind…

What will his medical legacy be? – Or, to be more specific, where will he eventually call his home within the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? He’s more successful as a doctor than some at the hospital, but he is no Meredith Grey yet. That’s going to be something that he needs to figure out throughout some of the upcoming seasons if he fulfills his potential.

Is there any more ground to be explored with Andrew’s father? – There’s such a fascinating reconciliation here in between who Andrew knows his father to be (someone who has mental illness and takes too many risks) and the medical pioneer that he is. There’s always going to be a temptation for him to believe his dad when he has some sort of crazy idea, just because he’s seen what the man is capable of doing.

Will he build more friendships? – We want to see things explored more with Alex and Andrew — we know what happened between the two is years old at this point, but is it really all just water under the bridge? Also, more scenes with DeLuca and anyone who has known Meredith for some time would be fun, just because they are so protective of her.

Assess the long-term future with Meredith – It’s not a story for the start of season 16, but we wonder if near the end of the season, there will be more conversations about a larger commitment if their relationship lasts. Meredith doesn’t need anything more than what they have and neither does DeLuca, but there is a lot of interesting material that can be mined from this.

What do you want to see from Andrew DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy?

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