Elementary season 7 episode 9 sneak peek: Joan’s case in 150th episode

Elementary season 7 episode 9Elementary season 7 episode 9 is no ordinary installment of the CBS show — it’s the 150th episode! It’s a chance to commemorate this show and all of its various achievements — and based on the sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below, we’re in for a good time.

In this preview, one of the things that you can see is just how unusual things are quickly becoming for Joan Watson as she looks into a new case. She’s not exactly doing it in the most typical of ways! She’s instead trying to recreate some sort of model with cars to figure out what happened with a murder in Phoenix. Why go that far out of the way for a crime, especially since there are hundreds of possible ones within New York City alone? It’s the nature of this beast more so than anything.

Throughout this episode, one of the things that you’re going to have a chance to see is how this case applies itself to what Joan and Sherlock specialize in — unusual murders with unusual murderers. This one revolves around someone who killed in order to stop someone from poisoning a buffet. It’s almost a murder via vigilante justice … and that harkens back to one Odin Reichenbach. As you almost surely recall, Odin is the big bad at the center of this story! He’s the one who has set up a mechanism in which to detect crime before it happens. He’s a brilliant man and this is the sort of super-brilliant stuff that he thinks could end up changing the world … or at least it could in theory. It’s the underlying darkness that is the problem and the idea that lives are being taken in order to save others. It’s too close to consistent vigilantism for the comfort of anyone.

While we wouldn’t be surprised if this episode goes in the Odin Reichenbach direction, we hope that it doesn’t go so far down into the weeds there that it forgets its own history. So few shows make it to the 150th episode that we really hope that there is a chance for everyone to stop in and celebrate for a little while. We think that this is well earned and that there’s been such a unique journey for this show to get to where it is.

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