Jersey Shore Family Vacation sneak peek: The Situation + comfort food

Jersey Shore Family Vacation filmingThrough Jersey Shore Family Vacationthere is one thing that we’ve learned about Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: He’s out to live his best life. Also, a part of him doing this is eating whatever he possibly can.

A part of what makes the new version of Mike so fun is that he’s stopped caring so much about having a specific public image or wanting to present himself a certain way to anyone. Instead, he’s more about just trying to find a way to enjoy his life — and he only has so long at the moment to embrace it. He knows that he is gearing up to serve time in prison after what happened on the show last week and as he explains in the sneak peek below, he is trying to get his life in order. That means working to ensure that many loose ends are tied up and also that he gets a chance to celebrate his wedding to Lauren.

Nobody wants to go to prison, but for Mike, there may be some element of relief just knowing what is coming up now. There is no more dealing with an element of a great unknown. He understand what the path ahead looks like and what that means is that he can approach it with a full mind and a sense of greater understanding.

Also, he can approach it with Funfetti cake and all sorts of other stuff. As the preview shows you, Mike’s roommates have all come by to deliver him the great gift of sweets — things to help him eat his feelings. We have no idea how any human being alive can eat this much junk food in such a small window of time, but there is a certain degree of joy that comes via seeing Vinny even decide to change up his diet and embrace the junk with Mike. It’s the small things that friends remember sometimes and this is a moment that Mike may appreciate behind bars now — he knows how strict Vinny can be with his diet and this was a reminder of just how much he cares.

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