Pearson episode 2 preview: Jessica’s past plays a factor

PearsonWhen Pearson episode 2 airs on USA next week, one of the things we’re going to do is see more of how Jessica Pearson’s past impacts her present.

If there is one thing that we’ve seen from Jessica, it’s this — she is ruthless and she will stop at nothing in order to help those who need her. Yet, in doing this at times, she’s crossed some lines. She’s found herself in situations where she’s been the subject of less-than-favorable headlines in the legal world. This stuff is going to follow her, as will other parts of her past as she does what she can to get the next part of her career running in Chicago. She’s working with the Mayor and anytime that happens, you are going to be subject to scrutiny.

The Pearson episode 2 synopsis gives you a little more information as to what’s coming:

Jessica’s reputation in the press puts the police contract in jeopardy.

What is so interesting about Pearson is that we know this character so well already! There is nothing about Jessica Pearson that is altogether surprising at this point … but there is plenty when it comes to the characters around her. We don’t have a good sense as of yet as to what some of these people are capable of and there are a lot of different surprises that we could see. Take, for example, someone like Keri. Do we know at the moment what she is capable of? We’re not so sure that we do.

Another question worth pondering is how much we’ll be seeing of DB Woodside as Jeff Malone through the rest of the season — and also if the story will leave him open to a possible return in Pearson season 2. (That hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.) We’re not happy about Lucifer coming to a close with season 5, but at least we’d feel comfortable knowing that he would get a chance to move forward to another exciting series.

Also, we’re interested in seeing what the ratings for Pearson are going to be when they come out tomorrow. It’s got a great lead-in courtesy of Suits, but how many of those viewers will watch the new show?

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