Suits season 9 episode 1 review: Darvey’s good news, the firm’s bad news

Suits season 9

Tonight, Suits season 9 delivered an episode that featured many dramatic notes. Harvey Specter had to say goodbye to many of Robert Zane’s former clients. Meanwhile, Samantha Wheeler struggled in the aftermath of what Zane did — not just recently with his exit, but many years earlier in her career.

All of that darkness is such an interesting juxtaposition alongside what we had earlier on in the episode — otherwise known as the Darvey celebration for the ages. Harvey and Donna were together and they’re going to continue to be together. The scene of Donna calling up Rachel before being interrupted by Harvey was classic. Meanwhile, the same goes for Louis Litt turning up to Donna’s place and believing that the two were just working to resolve the Zane crisis — not that they had just slept together the night before.

Then, there’s also what we got for the two of them at the end of the episode — it turns out Harvey’s got a secret Batcave of sorts in Mike’s old apartment, which he kept paying the rent on in hopes that he would someday come back. He and Donna met up there and shared a nice moment — a further reminder that this relationship is meant to last and that it isn’t going anywhere.

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The strength of their relationship is something that these two are going to need in order to handle what’s coming up. For the better part of the episode, the members of the firm tried to figure out what they were going to do in order to ensure that they could keep Robert’s name on the wall. If they choose to do this, they would lose clients. If they took it down, their loyalty would crumble and Samantha would burn them to the ground.

For most of the episode, we bore witness to some of these characters trying to keep the firm from burning down. That included the Bar trying to get Alex to take over as Managing Partner and then also Louis scrambling to get some Harvard graduates to come to the firm — keeping its reputation in tact.

Alas, in the world of law, respect matters. Once you lose some respect, it’s hard to get that back.

Then, you have Faye Richardson

In the closing minutes of the premiere we saw the introduction of the new possible Suits Big Bad. Faye is from the New York Bar and she’s set to overtake all operations of the firm. When Alex warned Louis about what the Bar was doing, he said that things could get a little bit desperate. This was proof of that. Her arrival renders almost everything else that happened in this episode moot, whether it be all of the scrambling or Harvey trying to give Samantha an important client as a gesture. He recognizes that he hasn’t been kind to her in the aftermath of Robert’s exit — he also lied to her about what he was doing the night after when he was really with Donna. Samantha did figure out the two were together, even when it stared Louis right in the face.

As Suits progresses, everyone in the firm is going to need to be on the same page. It’s not so much about whose name is on the door anymore; instead, it’s about survival.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Suits season 9 premiere was funny, dramatic, and character-focused in all the right ways. Darvey fans got romance aplenty and the same goes for those who love chaos. What we’re curious about is this: Did Alex know about Faye’s arrival to the firm before anyone else and didn’t say anything? He’s obviously closer to the state Bar than some other people and this could prove to have some interesting controversy moving forward — we think that Alex is on the side of the firm, but it’s something to watch out for.

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