Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Could Kemi’s future plans cause chaos?

Kemi FaknuleWe know that so many of the players within Big Brother 21 are obsessed with Kemi, and it’s because of this you have to worry that something she said could managed to sway the vote this week.

What’s going on here? In a conversation tonight with Sam, she indicated to him that if she does manage to come back into the game and win Head of Household, she’s not going to go after Nick and Bella like some people may assume that she would. Instead, she’s going to target Jackson and Jack. That’s her move and she’s ready and willing to go through with it. We love the bravery of the move and the fearlessness — even if the odds are low of it working. Kemi’s problem is telling Sam about it, given how close he’s become to Nick and Bella and how much he may be trying to fit in with them and prove he can be trusted. Sam went and told Bella about it later.

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At first, we thought maybe Sam was trying to show Nick and Bella that Kemi could be trusted … but we’re not sure about it. This could be him mostly trying to curry favor and gravitate towards the common enemy. We don’t think that this will cause people to want to evict Nicole over Cliff, but who knows? If the houseguests tell Nick and Bella about the move in advance to get Cliff out, maybe Bella then pulls out what Sam said about Kemi and that makes them eager to get out Nicole.

Sam has done a better job socializing with people than most in Camp Comeback, but he’s still keeping Kemi at arm’s length for some reason. He wouldn’t tell her about Christie having the Diamond Power of Veto power, though he told her he knew who had it. That’s some trust but not a lot. He should really just tell her he wants to work with her but remind her that it’s tough right now since so much of the house is against her.

As for what else we got a sense of tonight, most of the Six Shooters are clued in to the plan to target Sam over Nick and Bella next. We don’t think all of the women (Christie, Analyse, and Holly) are 100% on board with it, but they’re agreeable to go through with it. To them, it almost comes down to personal preference more than strategy.

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