Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Tommy’s new plan (day 28)

Tommy BraccoIt’s not often that we’ve had something big to discuss when it comes to Tommy within the Big Brother 21 game since he’s been sitting pretty this whole time — yet, here we are this afternoon with some interesting stuff that has him at the center of it.

If there is one thing that we’ve learned about Tommy through Big Brother 21 to date, it’s this: The man is a model of consistency. He doesn’t divert much from his goals and we don’t think that this is going to change now. What’s his goal? To try to get the Gr8ful group as far as humanly possible … and that even includes Nick and Bella.

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While Tommy does understand that Nick and Bella do run their mouths and orchestrate a lot of side deals, he doesn’t see them as an immediate threat to his game. As a matter of fact, he feels like he can even work with them still in the future. His plan, however, is a little bit insane. What Tommy is thinking about doing (after Cliff likely gets evicted) is try to get Head of Household, bring up Nick and Bella to the HoH room, and tell the two of them that they’re going on the block. However, tell them that his real target is Sam and explain in his nomination speech that as mediator, he feels like Nicole was treated unfairly and their nominations are him standing up for her. Yet, he’d use the Veto on Nick and Bella if they are on the block and then nominate Sam. That’s his endgame. Tommy thinks that Sam can win this game and without him, Nick and Bella have nowhere else to go.

Why won’t this work? It’s because, for starters, Tommy may not win HoH. Also, he’s expecting Nick and Bella to react the way in which he wants for them to. This is all a little too irrational. They’re totally going to flip out and want nothing to do with Tommy after this! He’s predicting that he can get the house to do what he wants … but what if Sam wins Veto? What then? This is too conditional and too much of a half measure. Either make the move or don’t make the move.

Then, there’s also Camp Comeback — think about that for a moment. There’s so much that can go wrong.

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