Bachelor in Paradise season 6 promo: John Paul Jones cries!

Bachelor in Paradise season 6What should you be excited for on Bachelor in Paradise season 6? It all starts with the cast — Demi, Hannah G., and of course John Paul Jones.

Then, soon after that, you see John Paul Jones get teary-eyed and then you want to challenge everyone in the world. How could you do that to this sweet man who refuses to go by anything other than his full name?

When you think about Bachelor in Paradise, there is one word that comes to mind more than any other: Drama. There is going to be a LOT of that this season from start to finish as you see some of these people deal with pre-show relationships, jealousy, new arrivals, and a number of surprises along the way. We’re at least pleased to see that the show is taking one of the biggest elephants in the room time after time with a show like this — that these people all know each other and, in a lot of cases, they’ve dated and spent time together in the real world.

What’s also going to be interesting here is watching the journey of heels becoming heroes or heels or heels becoming heroes. One of the things about this show is that it often exposes different parts of various people than what you saw the first time around. Sometimes, getting famous on a show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette changes people. It causes them to look at the world differently. Sometimes, their ego gets the best of them. On season 6, you’ll see that play out with a few different people.

By the end of the season, the one thing that we’re hoping to see more than anything else is some glimmer of romantic hope at the end. Sure, Paradise is fun because of the craziness and the lighthearted sense of humor, but we still argue that there are a lot of people who want to see a happy couple or two or three at the end. This show’s been reasonably successful at producing real marriages; we’ll see if that lasts when it comes back in just a matter of weeks!

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