Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 7 review: Live your own life

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Tonight, Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 7 focused on the not-so-calm period before a storm. It involved characters doing what they can in order to survive, but also to make sure they help others along the way.

For Alicia, she had to make some key decisions when it comes to how much she wanted to help the kids. These are the same kids, led by Annie, who apparently have a makeshift home for themselves in the middle of nowhere. She hacked her way through the zombie wall and spoke to some of the kids. Annie wasn’t altogether kind to her and really just wanted her to go away. Alicia wanted nothing more than to have Morgan take her place — she wasn’t getting through to the kids and wanted nothing more than to seek out someone who could.

These kids didn’t want to listen her, but they were smart to do so since Alicia was one of the few people who could help when a whole horde of growlers showed up. Annie didn’t want to listen but some of the kids convinced her otherwise. Then, they worked together in order to better save them all … and then get the kids closer to getting on board that plane out of town.

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While all of this was going on with Alicia, many of the other survivors were moving forward with their own goal in mind — trying to find a way in order to get the plane off the ground, while also trying to stay alive in the process. There was still a risk of poisoning, which is why Grace was doing everything that she could at the plant. Morgan did what he felt he had to do, and that included 1) helping at the plan and 2) giving Grace more value in her life. Morgan actually brought up Eastman in his conversation with Grace as he convinced her to eventually leave. He risked his life in order to help her and that’s not something that she will forget.

Althea was one of the few who knew how to get airplane fuel, mostly because she remembered what she encountered from her time with Isabella. She recognized that in order to get what she wanted, she would need to open up … and she chose to do that with June. That made some sense, given that she had that long period where she didn’t think that she would ever get to see John again. June’s story about John was moving and maybe it gives Al a little bit more hope in her own future.

For Dwight, he’s continuing to do his part to work alongside John Dorie, who conveniently hasn’t passed along the information that he has as of yet when it comes to Sherry. He’s still of the belief that she is still out there and wants to be found — or at least at first. During this episode, John gave Dwight the note that told him that she didn’t want to be found and he needs to live his life. There was nothing that could be said for him that was more heartbreaking than this.

Did Dwight listen to her? Well, consider that a yes and a no at the same time. He’s not going to focus all of his energy on trying to find her, but he’s going to find another purpose in life at the same time. He was going to get John back to June and that was a start.

CarterMatt Verdict

How do the group on Fear the Walking Dead become heroes? It’s by pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and to the limit. Alicia got a chance to be a hero to the kids. Meanwhile, Morgan got to do the same for Grace. John at least did the right thing for Dwight and June was there for Al when she needed her.

Then, there is the idea of living for yourself. That is what Morgan told Alicia at the end of the episode as he did his part to track her down, ensuring that she would survive.

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