Big Brother 21: What Christie’s Panic Power actually does

Christie MurphyTonight on Big Brother 21we learned that Christie’s Panic Power isn’t exactly what she claimed that it was on the feeds.

So what is it then? It is still the Diamond Power of Veto, but it’s not exactly one that she has total control over. Instead, on the week in which Christie wants to use it, she can turn the regular Power of Veto for that week into the Diamond Power of Veto. Let’s say, for example, that Tommy wins the Veto and wants to remove Holly from the block. He can do that and, beyond that, he will get to name the replacement nominee.

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This change on the show is different from what Christie explained on the feeds, where she’s been acting like she is the one who automatically gets to choose the replacement nominee. We don’t know if she misread the instructions or if she’s trying to mislead others in the house as to what it actually does. Or, maybe she just assumes that she will win the Veto on the week she wants to use it.

Either way, having this clarification on the panic power is important since it does add that extra layer into what could be coming up. It means that Christie isn’t as powerful as she first seemed since she will most likely have to entrust someone else to do her bidding. That’s a little bit different from her getting to do everything herself.

Granted, it’s hard to deny that Christie remains one of the game’s most influential players. She has a tremendous number of allies and she’s been able to keep most of them from wanting to target her. She does have a problem in terms of how much she’s willing to tell other people but let’s be honest: A lot of people this season have problems with how much they are willing to tell other people.

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