Claws season 3 episode 6 review: Meet Dean Lovestone

Claws season 3 episode 6As we reflect on Claws season 3 episode 6, we’re left to wonder a number of different questions — many of them around Dean.

Is this whole storyline with Dean being extracted from Desna’s life working? We know that Claws has long existed within its own reality where genres are straddled and the show doesn’t quite know whether to be funny or dramatic. Yet, there does need to be a grounded nature to things where you understand motivations — that’s where things get hazy for Mac and Melba. It feels like they already had Desna on the ropes and had her thinking of giving up and letting the two have the casino; with that, why take her brother away from her? That only seems to be motivating her further to try and take them down. Mac and Melba’s motivation for separating Dean from his sister just doesn’t seem to perfectly mesh.

Then, there’s the weird “birthing” scene that we had in front of the audience. It was crazy in a way that only Claws can do, but was it too much a departure for a show that was grounded at other notable moments?

The more realistic side to this Desna-Dean story came via Desna trying to do what she could to take down Mac and Melba once and for all, including finding some leverage on the Governor to go and cancel the deal that he’d been working on with them — an effective way to force them out. Unfortunately, Mac and Melba were quick to inform both Desna and the Governor that they are working with one of the msot dangerous triads in the world. Remove them, and you get everyone killed. Then, they let Desna know that Dean is now their “adopted” son and now has the name of Dean Lovestone. Dean doesn’t have Desna, and it doesn’t even seem as though he has Virginia anymore. It’s of his own doing and he’s living in this illusion of false happiness.

While Virginia is nursing her heartbreak, she’s also turning to EJ … who she didn’t know, strangely, was Jenn’s ex until Jenn saw the two of them spending time together. Jenn initially reacted with rage to the news before deciding down the line to let things go. We don’t foresee Virginia and EJ being a permanent thing, but it’s definitely far from over at the moment. There’s a lot of room still for this story to change and evolve.

Quiet Ann’s progression

Finally, we have a lot of time given to this character! It’s been one of our big criticisms of season 3 to date but with her pregnant, there are now so many different things that this show could effectively explore.

Are she and Arlene getting married? It feels like we’re going in that direction after we heard Arlene suggest that very thing. This has to win the award for being the sweetest storyline of the episode; in the midst of the craziness elsewhere, this was a breath of reality to see a situation play out as we imagine it would in real life. Ann was scared to tell her girlfriend of her pregnancy but in the end, Arlene was supportive and wants to have a family with her. She needed some time to reflect first, but that’s understandable — it’s a lot for any one person to take in all at one time.

CarterMatt Verdict

Claws season 3 episode 6 was a tale of two different stories. When the focus was on Quiet Ann, it was powerful and effective at showing how real people navigate through crazy circumstances. Parts of Desna’s storyline had some of those moments, and we don’t mind some of the wackiness including her trying to use the Governor’s sex parties against him. The big issue this season are Mac and Melba, who we just don’t understand fully as villains since their motives aren’t anywhere near as clear as they should be.

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