Instinct season 2 episode 3 sneak peek: Dylan, Andy’s adoption journey

Instinct season 2 episode 3Want to know what’s coming up on Instinct season 2 episode 3? Well, we’re going to be seeing Dylan and Andy are going to do their part in order to successfully complete their adoption.

The sneak peek below is of the happy, domestic variety, and it features the two characters going over their best ways in order to sell themselves as ideal parents. To the surprise of no one, Dylan has fallen a bit behind and needs some sort of deadline to make sure he gets the work done. That’s a consequence  of his schedule, which includes first teaching but then also being a part of a fantastic crime-solving duo with Lizzie. It’s a lot that is constantly on his plate, and we know that this within itself is a little bit of concern — you want to be able to spend some time with your kid! Andy’s preparing to scale back at his job, but is Dylan going to be able to when he’s struggled to make the recent balance of his life work? It’s a worthy question, but we’re sure that one way or another, he’ll be able to make it happen.

For now, let’s just continue to cross our fingers that Dylan and Andy are able to become parents on the other side of the process. One thing that Instinct seems to be doing a god job of right now is replicating how arduous at times the process can be. It’s not something where you proclaim you want to be parents and then you’re able to make it happen. You have to show your readiness and showcase that you’re a loving home — amidst other things. We may know this about Dylan and Andy already, but it’s pretty clear at the moment that some of these folks are still in the dark. Through this episode, we’ll get a chance to see what is (hopefully) a stepping stone.

Of course, given that Instinct is also a mystery show, you better believe that this is not going to be forgotten about along the way. It’s always going to bring that combination of casework and personal stuff.

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