The OA, Designated Survivor, Arrested Development: Netflix limbo shows

What could the future hold for The OA, Designated Survivor, Arrested Development, and some other shows at Netflix? We want to take a look within this article at the state of multiple shows on the service, mostly in hopes of seeing whether or not any of them could be coming back for more. We know that Netflix has been rather quick on their cancellations as of late, so it would make perfect sense if there was some anxiety out there for some people.

The OA – The fate of this show isn’t clear, just like few things with this show are. We imagine it being a tricky conversation for the show — it’s not a show that gets a tremendous amount of conversation, and finding out its true ratings because of that would be tricky. We know that season 2 left the door very open for season 3 (or “Part 3,” whatever Netflix wants to call it), but this show doesn’t quite operate on a typical timetable. They can take their time rendering their verdict because there’s very little reason for them not to.

Designated Survivor – While we do think that season 3 gave us an ending, there could be a whole lot more story to tell — including how the Kirkman Presidency tries to handle what happened in season 3. We would like for there to be more than just one more season of the show, but we could also imagine a season 4 final-season order that allowed the show to explore how Kirkman tries to undo a lot of the things he did (or that he was aware of) in order to become President once more.

Arrested Development – Of the three shows we’re discussing here, this is the one to be the most ambivalent about. We don’t get the sense the enthusiasm is there for the show anymore, and much of the fifth season found itself panned by critics. While we did enjoy several episodes of season 4, we wonder in retrospect if this show would’ve been just as okay vanishing after season 3 and having that legacy of one of the best comedies that was canceled far too soon.

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