Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 episode 3 (& more) trailer released

Jersey Shore Family Vacation filmingWant to see a new trailer for Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 episode 3, let alone the rest of the season? Thanks to MTV, you can now see most of that below!

In this trailer, you get a sense that what is coming is so chaotic that Mike’s wedding and subsequent sentencing may not hold a candle to it. Think in terms of him crying at his bachelor party, or struggling to deal with the aftermath of what happens to him and court. The Situation’s storyline is inevitably going to be on the forefront of most of the promotional material out there … but there’s plenty of drama elsewhere.

Let’s start off here with Ronnie, who is going to have some serious relationship drama. It’s largely a repeat of all of the drama we’ve seen already where there are all sorts of negative headlines out there about his relationship and rather than try to get away from it, he just keeps feeding into the cycle. Instead of trying to handle it privately, what we keep seeing instead is everything airing out in the most public form imaginable. That’s never a good thing when it comes to having a stable relationship.

Meanwhile, Jenni is trying to deal with her own relationship drama following her breakup from Roger. She doesn’t want his relationship with him to be aired all over the internet, however heartbreaking the situation may be.

Oh, and of course we’re going to see an argument break out between Vinny and Angelina … largely because that’s what they do. These two characters fight so much that it’s hard to imagine them not fighting. Also, it feels like it’s one of the larger reasons why the producers want to have Angelina on the show at this point. You’ll also continue to see the crew travel, including to a dude ranch (where they’re going to be heading on Thursday’s new episode).

By the time Jersey Shore Family Vacation comes to a close, we have to imagine that we’re going to be seeing these people need a vacation from their vacation. With this group, that’s a common occurrence if there was one.

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