The Bachelorette spoilers: Hannah Brown, Tyler Cameron’s fantasy suite decision

Tyler CameronWe know that a lot of the Bachelorette fantasy suite discussion as of late has revolved around Luke Parker, but Tyler Cameron may be changing that on Monday night. Why? It has less to do with anything that he says, and more with a decision that Hannah Brown makes for herself.

In the video below from this episode (via People Magazine), you can see Hannah struggling with the idea of entering the fantasy suite with Tyler. Why is that? She has questions about whether or not their physical relationship is in the place that it needs to be — she enjoys being around him, but is that enough? She wonders, but after seeing this deliberation coupled with Hannah’s already-infamous “windmill” comments, you do have to wonder if Tyler has a genuine chance of ending up with her. It’s clear that she was intimate with at least one of the guys and it doesn’t seem like it was him.

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To Tyler’s credit, it looks as though he takes most of what Hannah is saying well — or however well that he can, in the moment. He’s not getting angry or doing anything to cause Anna to give him the middle finger. It’s a reminder that while Tyler may seem like the perfect man to the majority of Bachelor Nation watching the show (he’s clearly one of the most-popular contestants of all time), that doesn’t mean that he is the perfect man for Hannah and it’s important to draw that delineation. Everyone is looking for or wanting something different out of their relationships and it’s more than okay to have that be the case.

When you look at all of the remaining guys, it’s hard to envision a scenario in which Jed Wyatt is anything other than the favorite. While Jed may not have had the greatest hometown date in the world, she’s expressed feelings for him that she hasn’t expressed to anyone else, if there is a dead giveaway to how she is feeling at the moment, that has to be it. That’s at least what we are putting the most stock in for now.

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