Love Island USA episode 3 review: Who did Dylan and Cormac date?

Love IslandTonight on Love Island USA episode 3, we had a chance to meet Dylan and Cormac — two new guys who could mix things up!

Before we get to the new dudes working their way into the picture, let’s spend a moment or two on some of what happened already. Take, for example, Yamen explaining that he didn’t love that big fireworks-moment with Alana that he wanted with their first kiss. It came in the middle of a game of Spin the Pineapple and he just wasn’t 100% ready for it. Their relationship, for now, is ambiguous.

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Then, we had Dylan and Cormac turn up in Fiji. Cormac’s a club promoted who is constantly surrounded by women. Meanwhile, Dylan’s a guy who actually looks more like a surfer — and lives more in San Diego. They arrived prepared to embrace this weird experience. Alexandra and Dylan looked to hit it off right away; meanwhile, Cormac feels super-intimidating and with his tattoos and his sense of humor. Aloof is a natural way to describe him.

The funny thing about America voting for various dates leading into the episode is simply this — they had no idea as to who would be interested in who. For Dylan, the public decided to send him off with Alexandra. Meanwhile, Cormac is going to be on a date with Caro, who last we saw was actually getting a little bit closer to Dylan.

Here’s where things get crazy

At the end of the episode, Dylan and Cormac were given opportunities to go on another date featuring the other women in the house. Dylan opted to pick Mallory. Meanwhile, Elizabeth got a text from Cormac where he expressed some interest in spending some more time with her. The funniest thing about this was that Elizabeth appeared to be immediately confused by the invite and there was all sorts of awkwardness in the air because of it. Brace yourselves for whatever that’s going to bring…

The good news is that Love Island USA is starting to find its place — it’s never going to be high art, but it is bizarrely entertaining as you get to learn a little bit more about the people who are a part of the competition.

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