Are You the One? season 8 episode 5 preview: The fivesome mystery

Are You the OneSometimes, it doesn’t take a lot in order to promote an episode of the show like Are You the One? — it can only take a single word to generate a conversation. Today, that word is “fivesome.” This is the word uttered in the preview below for next week’s new episode and, following that, there is all sorts of speculation that ensues in the house about 1) what this means and 2) who could’ve been involved in it.

We know that this show’s about matching up people to find a perfect match, but how many beams do you end up getting for five people all together at once?

There’s also a question as to whether or not this fivesome even happened — nothing is confirmed in the promo other than people running around, asking if something happened. (Can you imagine setting something like this up, only to then not deliver on it on the other side?) We’ll see what actually happens with this, but we have a pretty good feeling that it’s not going to be the only moment of drama that we see throughout episode 5. This is a show that does operate with an M.O. of trying to deliver a combination of humor, romance, and chaos — that’s not changing through much of what you end up seeing.

Do you know what will probably end up changing/ Some of the couplings and the relationships. We are still so early in the season and because of that, it’s hard to say with confidence that anyone is going to end up with some of the people they’re close to right now. There are still many beams dark and beyond that, a whole lot more to be explored. With a show like this, it’s also a surprise if any of the couples stay together after the fact. It’s such an intense environment where on the other side of being on TV, everyone puts all these different expectations on you for what they think you should be and how you should operate at any given moment. It can be a lot to take on.

With that, we’re not going to put too much energy into focusing on the future. This show is one week at a time and next week’s going to be intense.

What do you want on Are You the One? season 8 episode 5?

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