‘Survivor: Philippines’ prediction: Can Dana Lambert last through [spoiler]?

After four episodes of seeing much of the same thing happen time and time again on “Survivor: Philippines,” Wednesday night’s all-new episode may finally be bringing us something new. So what can we expect to see unfold? There are still a number of mysteries here, but we do have quite a bit to look forward to given that the odds are very high for a shake-up in the tribes.

As a matter of fact (spoiler alert!), one of the previews already released for the show gives away that Denise is now going to be a part of the Kalabaw tribe, and with that in mind we have to assume that we are going to see Malcolm head on over to Tandang. We’re going to really make some of our predictions for the episode with this in mind.

Biggest mover and shaker – For this episode, it has to be both Malcolm and Denise. After all, they’re each going to new tribes! So what is going to happen here? By one token, it would be easy for both of them to just be votes out by their new tribes right away. However, they have some value in the game in that they’re a number to a new alliance, and thus, we think both will probably stay put for a while.

Idol watch – By the time that both Malcolm and Denise end up leaving their camp, we’re sure one of them is going to have the immunity idol in their pocket. But who will it be? If we had to guess, we would say that Malcolm probably needs it more given that he is such a physical threat in a post-merge game; however, Denise is a smart strategist and could do some great things with it. As for whether or not an idol will be played this week, we don’t really think so, mostly for the reason listed below.

The elimination – Based on the video that we have over at this link, Jeff Probst is going to be visiting the Kalabaw camp in order to see if Dana Lambert’s illness is going to kick her out of the competition this season. While the doctor is going to clear her to stay in the game, we’re not seeing the sort of fight out of her that we would hope for in terms of someone who actually wants to keep fighting for their life. If she’s really not committed to battling this out long-term, then it’s better to get rid of her now than having someone else leave who would be willing to stay put in her shoes. This does not make for the most surprising elimination ever, but it’s the most likely.

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