Snowfall season 3 ends with John Singleton title card

Snowfall season 2 episode 2At the end of tonight’s Snowfall season 3 premiere, the show offered up a moving tribute to John Singleton — it was subtle, but almost certainly the sort of thing he would have appreciated.

In the closing seconds of the episode, following the intense confrontation and the look clean into Franklin’s eyes, one central message popped up onscreen: For John. That was a reference to the legendary director and Snowfall executive producer, who passed away earlier this year. Few directors have had the success early on that Singleton had, as he put his stamp on the filmmaking world by giving a voice to a world that didn’t have enough of one. Snowfall contained that same beating heart; he wasn’t one of those EPs with a vanity credit; he was very much involved throughout the production. He wanted it to look and feel the way that it should.

Since his death, the Snowfall cast and crew have done everything that they can to honor John. They’ve spoken about him in interviews, they’ve reiterated their desire to make his presence felt, and they’ve also remembered his friendship and the love he gave to them. He was more than just a producer and director to these people. He left an indelible mark on so many of them.

There is no telling how long Snowfall will go forward on FX. Some of that is in the hands of the creative team, and another part is up to how long the folks over at network want to keep it on the air. No matter the answer, we feel like this is always going to be a John Singleton show. It’s not going to change just because he is no longer around. His spirit is there as well as the hearts of so many who knew him.

With this title card, what Snowfall is doing is reminding everyone further of Singleton’s significant influence on this series, and also making sure that no matter when this episode is viewed, his name will always be remembered. That’s a powerful thing that can never be discounted or forgotten.

John will continue to be missed, and our thoughts go out to all who loved him dearly. (Photo: FX.)

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