Love Island USA episode 2: Kyra, Cashel, and Caro’s situation

Love IslandWe’ve now made it to Love Island USA episode 2 and, stylistically, this show was a vast improvement over the premiere.

For starters, it was shorter. We didn’t have to waste too much time getting to meet the contestants and because of that, it flowed so much better as various segments, games, and “dates” were introduced. It was also clear throughout that the show had a good sense of what its sense of humor needed to be. The narrator was self-deprecating in all the right ways and there were all sorts of meta-comedy about production, CBS, and the contestants themselves.

While we know how loyal an audience the British Love Island has, we’re well-aware that this show is not going to be that. We’re always well-aware that it’s going to be polarizing and reviled by some just for what it is — a campy summer reality TV dating show. It is progressively more and more addictive as time goes on; by the end of each episode, it leaves you eagerly demanding more.

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Yet, here is the biggest, most apparent problem: Who is this show really for? It may have entertaining moments, but it doesn’t come across as being edgy enough for millennials. Other than the swimsuits and the makeout scenes, it doesn’t really have anything that reflects young people in America. Also, CBS still doesn’t feel like the right network. Had this landed on an MTV, a Netflix, or another venue where it could take some more risks, maybe it would feel different.

Also, there may not be enough drama just yet. The big story of the night, Kyra choosing Cashel to be coupled up with, didn’t lead to any explosive arguments. Caro was upset over losing her partner, but it was also a partner that she didn’t originally want. It just didn’t hold the same weight as a lot of people out there may have either wanted or expected. (There was a danger spot for Zac a little bit later in the episode after one of the “games” revealed that he left a date to go and sleep with an ex instead. It seems like Zac and Elizabeth are gonna get through it — at least for now.)

Oh, and did we mention that there are going to be two new people arriving on the island tomorrow? They’ll have an opportunity to ask out some islanders on a date.

What did you think about Love Island USA episode 2?

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