Ink Master season 12 episode 6 preview: Cam vs. Janelle + so much more

Ink Master season 12 episode 6When Ink Master season 12 episode 6 airs on the Paramount Network next week, the stress level is going up a notch. It’s enough to make Pon to suggest that all of his ulcers are named after the judges.

Entering this episode the guys are riding a little high. Pony Wave was just eliminated and because of that, they may be feeling like they have the momentum in this competition … but do they really? Part of her struggles tonight were due to a difficult canvas in the first round; if she was in a different situation, maybe we’d have a different bottom two and a different result as a whole. We wouldn’t be feeling altogether confident if we were them since there are so many reasons why things could crash and burn. (But, these are some guys with a high opinion of themselves — also, everyone wants to talk themselves up in a competition where confidence is a requirement.) The guys have won more tattoo of the day titles than the women this season, but they’ve also lost more members. We’d rather not win tattoo of the day and have the larger overall team.

Oh, and there’s going to be plenty of drama. Cam and Janelle seem to be involved in some of the conflicts, Ash is going to fire back at some of the contestants, and the big characters for this season will continue to occupy their posts. This is about the time of the season where we know who some of the strongest artists are and who we think will make it far accordingly. Fon’s had the most consistent performances at the top, but we’re not ruling out Creepy Jason after some of his most recent work, Ashley Anoneison following tonight’s episode, or what we’ve seen from Laura Marie already.

The judges’ critiques coming up are some of the most brutal of the season. It’s enough to make you wonder what sort of crazy ask that they were handed this time around. ?(We do wonder what the motivation is for some of the human canvases to want some of the more unusual selections picked by the show.)

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