‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: Check out Robin Sparkles!

Considering that this may be the final season of “How I Met Your Mother” depending on the negotiations with the cast and the crew, the producers are doing everything that they can to ensure that some of the right stuff is included here to properly send the show into the sunset … that is, in the event that this is what actually happens.

So what is one example of just what the producers are trying to do? Let’s just say that they are looking to bring back one of the show’s most-popular characters ever in Cobie Smulders own Robin Sparkles. The proof that she is coming back is really in the pudding, and on Smulders’ own Twitter account. The actress recently shared the photo to the left of this article, which clearly shows the Canadian pop star sitting inside of a hotel room. Is this the same hotel room that will serve as a setting for some sort of incident that happens in an upcoming episode? We have to think it’s possible, mostly because we have seen so little of the setting otherwise.

As for why Robin Sparkles is chilling at a hotel, our guess is that this episode will either feature her making some sort of promotional trip or a concert tour, which leads to her staying at all sorts of strange places. Of course, we wonder just how much play you can get out of a song like “Let’s Go to the Mall,” but we are sure to find out the answer to that pretty soon.

What do you think about the picture, and how much of Robin Sparkles do you want to see on the rest of the series?

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