‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Kit Harrington on tough times for Jon Snow

If there is one recurring theme of Jon Snow’s storylines on the first two seasons of “Game of Thrones,” it is that the guy really has had just about as hard of a time as humanly possible. First, he is ostracized by Catelyn Stark due to him being born from a different mother; and then, he is pretty much shipped away from his family to Beyond the Wall with the Night’s Watch. To make matters even worse in season 2, the guy happened to be captured by Ygritte and a group of Wildings, which sets him up next to meet someone who everyone who loves the books is looking forward to seeing on the screen: Mance Rayder.

So what does Kit Harrington himself have to say about this upcoming story? As a part of a new interview with io9 from New York Comic-Con this past weekend, he did his part to explain that somehow, things could become even harder for Jon moving forward:

“He has tough decisions to make, he always does … He gets a really rough ride in this series and it always tough, kind of having to deal with these things that he has to deal with. I always feel very sorry for him.

“He sees that he makes mistakes and gets stronger, makes mistakes. He’s always got a paternal figure telling him he’s wrong … It’s going to be a man called Mance Rayder. Last season it was Qhorin Halfhand. The season before that it was his Uncle and his Father. He always has someone there as a patriarchal figure.”

Really, what we are really hoping to see by the end of the season is that Jon has not only made some significant process as a person, but that he starts to see more that his destiny could extend far beyond his present state in the Night’s Watch. We know that there are some major events coming in season 3 that do not involve him (see the Red Wedding), but there is still plenty of story coming up here that should excite just about every fan out there.

What do you want to see with Jon this season?

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