Big Brother 21 review: Who won the Chaos Whacktivity Competition?

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Who won the Chaos Whacktivity Competition on Big Brother 21 episode 6? Going into the episode, we had no real idea as to who had it. Also, we had no idea what it was going to be.

As it turns out, the Chaos Whacktivity felt a little bit like Fear Factor given that it revolved around houseguests having to do something when it comes to snakes. The houseguests had to match up snakes in one pit with snakes in a different one. This wasn’t that scary, but we’re also not someone who is extremely terrified of snakes. We’d be able to handle this without too much of a problem. It’s not like there were any poisonous snakes in there … though one of them seemed rather quite to bite off Sam’s hand. The best way to do this challenge was to not hesitate at any moment — just go in, match the snakes, and then move forward. This wasn’t all that physical of a competition; instead, this was about mind over matter.

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In the end, the winner was … Jack. Yep, Jack. The guy most people hate now has the power. The funny thing is that the Chaos Power isn’t all that good. It’s one that could force a re-draw of Veto players if you want it to benefit you. It can be useful if you think you’re being backdoored and want to prevent it, but that’s mostly it. It’s not anywhere near as important or valuable as the Nightmare Power.

Also worth noting…

On tonight’s episode there was also confirmation that Ovi can still use his Nightmare Power if he returns to the competition. There’s just no guarantee that he actually will so the jury is still out on that.

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