‘Homeland’ season 2 spoilers: Carrie’s closing in again…

While the first episode of “Homeland” this season felt a little bit slow, we are already pleased to report that the show is back to its first-season pace of going pretty much 150 miles an hour; just within the last two episodes alone, we have been left with so many twists and turns that have caused the entire lid to be off when it comes to Brody’s secret coming out into the open … at least when it comes to Carrie and Saul knowing the truth now about what sort of person he really is.

So what is going to happen straight out of the gate now? According to TVLine, Brody is not going to be on hot pursuit of Brody all over again, and this is going to be something that causes all sorts of problems for him given what Jess knows about his past entanglement with her. We’re also sure that Brody will find out soon enough that Carrie knows something, and then the panic could settle in.

With every mission comes challenges, and for Carrie, one of the biggest issues that she runs into next is that even though she will now be on the manhunt for Brody, she will suffer somewhat thanks to the fact that she is actually going to be spending some time having to follow the orders of someone else this time around … even if we do not think that this is going to last for very long. We’re mostly just excited because to us, “Homeland” is not at its best unless the two main characters are directly interacting with each other in some way.

Are you excited for the cat-and-mouse game between these two to start back again?

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