The Rook episode 2 review: Rise of the walking dead

The Rook episode 2

The Rook episode 2 on Starz Sunday night established many things, with the primary one being this: The Checquy is not an organization to be trifled with. Yet, it’s also one that refuses to offer up many answers.

Let’s start with the fact that one Myfanwy Thomas is trying to understanding her abilities of static shock. She is a woman intent on trying to better understand the truth of what lies beneath, questions that are in desperate need of answers. In her prior life before the bridge incident, she rarely ever used her powers — and whatever happened on that bridge was so much greater than anything that she had ever learned. She was one of a handful of EVAs able to work with the Checquy in order to stop those who intended to use the superhuman for dark, evil purposes.

Through The Rook episode 2, we saw Myfanwy’s past briefly at the beginning — consider it an origin story to where she learned about her powers in the first place. Then, on the other side of that, we saw her rediscover her car, get some more insight on what she had uncovered beforehand, and also at least recognize some of what she is capable of.

What Myfanwy and no else expecting, meanwhile, is the body of one of the attackers rising up from the dead and walking out of the morgue within the closing minutes. Consider that a part of this story worth hanging onto and wondering about for a time. (After Myfanwy found her car, Gestalt eventually turned up and brought her back to the group.)

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Monica’s mission

What we saw tonight from Olivia Munn’s character was an attempt at uncovering the truth behind a series of EVA auctions. There are people out there selling these humans like they are cattle or property. It’s a part of the heartbreaking nature of this world. Even though some people have powers, not all of them know how to handle them. They’re still under-developed.

CarterMatt Verdict

What The Rook episode 2 brought to us tonight was a stellar episode detailing more of who some of these characters are and how they operate. This gave us more of an insight into how the EVA operates, how they can investigate, and also what they are willing to do in order to get answers. That includes, at times, questioning authority and going rogue. We wouldn’t call this a superhero show — it’s more of a supernatural mystery — but no matter what you call it, maybe we can all collectively agree on the fact that it is very much good and worthy of your time.

Is the show dense at times? Absolutely, but we don’t think that this is a bad thing — it commands your attention and it wants you to be able to appreciate all of its various ins and outs. Probably the best moment of the night, story-wise, came when Monica was investigating with the Gestalts, asking them what was going to happen when someone eventually looks at the “dishes of their life.” It was a reminder of the sense of mortality when it comes to EVAs.

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