Is American Princess renewed for season 2, canceled at Lifetime?

American Princess renewed

Is American Princess renewed for a season 2, or has it been already canceled over at Lifetime? With tonight serving as the final episode of season 1, now is the time to talk over what the future of this show could be.

Before we go too far down any rabbit hole here, let’s make one thing rather clear — this show is very deserving of a second season. It’s done almost everything that it can in order to prove itself to be a funny, impactful, breath-of-fresh-air series. It has characters who are likable within seconds of meeting them and a setting that appeals to the inner geek in a lot of us. There are not many shows out there set around the idea of a Renaissance Faire, and we think that there are a lot of people out there who wish for a world where they can escape, play someone else, and live in a different skin for an extended period of time. This is a show that appeals to all of us in that way, because we have all been there at some point in our lives.

On tonight’s finale, Faire season is going to end, leading to these characters having to live out their lives in a different fashion until it returns … if it does return, or if we end up getting to see it as a viewer.

At the moment, the status of an American Princess season 2 is uncertain and we are concerned over the future. The ratings are far from spectacular on Lifetime and beyond that, the network isn’t really doing it any favors insofar as the scheduling goes. The network has put back-to-back episodes of American Princess on the air the past couple of weeks, meaning that there are some episodes that are airing at 11:00 p.m. Eastern time, on a Sunday night when most people inevitably asleep because they are heading back to work on Monday morning. This hurts the ratings big-time, as does a lack of promotion or even an awareness that Lifetime has original series programming in the first place.

Even if Lifetime does cancel it, we do think that there is still some hope for the show’s future. Take a look at YOU for some evidence of that. This is a series that performed so well on Netflix that they ended up turning it into an exclusive there. This is a show that would work well on a streaming platform so (especially because there is some more adult content on the show), even if American Princess is at first canceled, there is a chance at a second life still elsewhere. Let’s cross our fingers, since we want to be coming back to this Faire in the future!

Do you want to see American Princess renewed?

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