‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Who’s going to die next?

When you have a show that has a zombie invasion, there is one thing that you can count on almost immediately: that the body count is going to be high. During the end of season 2, the body count was even higher than usual courtesy of a plethora of major characters biting the bullet … including a beloved one in Shane.

So are we set to lose someone else that will shock viewers? While we can’t exactly say this for sure just yet if it is a major character, we can say per TVLine that there will at least be one human character that will perish by the time that the episode ends. We can’t imagine it being any major character like Rick, and our leading contenders at the moment have to be one of the five prisoners that we met at the tail end of the premiere.

In addition to this news about a death in episode 2, we also have something else worth sharing for fans of Michonne (pictured above): we are not going to see very much of her at all during this episode. Instead of her story with Andrea, we are mostly going to see instead some more of the main group in prison, and how they try to adapt to this new environment … that is, if they can manage to really adapt, at all. After all, it’s hard to really see this new environment working out very well considering that they could in some ways be sitting ducks as soon as the walkers find their way indoors.

Who do you think is the most likely to die in this coming episode?

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