‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Captain Hook … under duress?

Just one episode after we are going to see the debut of one of the notorious villains in the history of “Once Upon a Time,” we are apparently going to see him in a situation that we did not exactly expect: all tied up and nowhere to go.

So who could have done this to Colin O’Donoghue’s character? That we do not know, but this image (at least according to press materials for “The Doctor”) is from the modern-day fairy tale world, where Hook apparently is for the time being. As of right now, the only other characters that we know for sure are present there are Snow White, Emma, Mulan, Phillip (who was out cold last we saw him), Aurora, and Cora, who was discovered to be hiding within the body of Lancelot during this past new episode.

While this is happening, the rest of this episode is going to feature at least by and large on David Anders’ character of Dr. Whale, who we are finally going to find out a little bit more about really for the first time ever. We are also going to finally figure out just who this fairy tale counterpart really is, and how exactly he knows so much about Regina and is so defiant to Charming. Also, we know that Hook is not going to be tied up for long; after all, the character will spend much of episode 6 working alongside Emma in a story at least partially inspired by the tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” This is where Jorge Garcia will guest star as the giant.

Who do you think is responsible for Hook getting himself in this position?

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