Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Could Jack change his mind on Kemi?

Jack MatthewsWe said entering today in the Big Brother 21 house that things could be a little more chaotic than we first expected; now, that is starting to turn out to be true.

At first, it seemed as though the vote was pretty obvious this week and that Kemi would be going, provided that she didn’t win the veto. Yet, now a conversation between Jack and Bella may be causing things to change course … though things are far from guaranteed. Think about them in this sense. Kemi at the moment is doing a great job of being agreeable and not panicking; meanwhile, Jessica is spiraling and trying to blame other targets for some of the moves that she made including an all-women alliance.

After Jessica and Jack talked this afternoon and it seemed like Jess was low-key trying to throw Bella under the bus, Bella then talked with Jack and the two discussed the idea of keeping Kemi. She doesn’t have too many stable alliances and even though she is a solid player, she could be more of a tool for Jack whereas Jessica could work against him. Also, Bella’s tried to plant seeds that Jessica doesn’t like him on a personal level. She’s given Jack more to think about in terms of working with Kemi but the issue is that Bella plays a really erratic game. At one moment, it seems like she 100% wants Kemi out; then, she wants to keep her. She’s so hard to follow but she’s at least trying to shift the target to someone she knows in Jess is throwing her name out there.

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At the end of the conversation, Jack made it clear that he would want to target whoever the Gr8ful alliance agrees on — who will probably still be Kemi. Nonetheless, at least there is some movement happening leading into the Veto. That should happen later today and we’ll be back with some of the results from the competition.

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