Fuller House, WarnerMedia, and a tiny path towards the franchise’s future

Fuller HouseFuller House season 5 is currently in production in Los Angeles, and at the moment all signs seem to point to this being the end of the road for the series. That’s the announcement that is already out there via Netflix and while there may be a movement to give it a second life elsewhere, it’s hard to have confidence in anything right now.

Yet, remember that John Stamos hardly closed the door on more shows within the Full House/Fuller House universe in a recent interview, and we do take some stock in that. To go along with that, we also take stock in a recent report (via Deadline) that upcoming streaming service WarnerMedia is looking at doing new versions of Family Matters, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Step by Step, and Perfect Strangers. These classic sitcoms all have diehard audiences and there may be considerations to getting more viewers courtesy of some sort of revival.

Guess who owns Full House and Fuller House? Warner Bros. Television, which makes it a perfect fit for WarnerMedia. They are showing already an affection for trying to build up some of these properties and it could mean good things for the future of Fuller House, as well.

Yet, we also don’t think that a revival for this series would be anything close to what you’d think on the surface. We have a hard time thinking that Fuller House as it is currently constructed would transfer over to WarnerMedia, given some of the streaming exclusivity rules that Netflix has with some of their shows. It’s why One Day at a Time was brought back at a cable network rather than on a larger streaming service — it’s able to use second-run airings over at CBS after its initial ones at Pop as a way to make it a little bit more financially viable.

If Fuller House does go this route, what’s a little more likely is that we end up seeing something along the lines of either a spin-off series or some other sort of prequel/sequel set in the same universe. It may help them to circumvent whatever rules that are out there and get more episodes out there sooner rather than later.

Make no mistake, this is all just speculation at the moment … but we do still like to think it’s worth storing away in a part of your brain.

Do you want to see Fuller House live on after its run at Netflix?

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