Lucifer season 5 debate: Should everyone find out the truth?

LuciferAs we prepare for Lucifer season 5 to premiere on Netflix next year, we know that we’re in the midst of an all-new paradigm. Chloe not only knows the truth about Lucifer Morningstar, but she doesn’t care. She wants to be with him and that is what matters to her more than anything else.

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Yet, there are still some other characters who remain in the dark about the truth. In terms of the people on the job, we’re talking here about Dan and then Ella. They both are able to continue forward with the thinking that Lucifer is just some weird, eccentric guy who they work with on cases. They don’t get the full extent of the truth and it’s possible that they never will.

Should the two of them figure things out in season 5? There is a great case to be made for it in that seeing their reactions to the truth would make for incredible entertainment — it’s also hard to really predict. We think that Ella would be cooler about it than Dan, but we also feel like Ella would be cooler than Dan with just about any reveal known to mankind. That’s just the sort of people they are. Maybe there is a situation coming up where one of them has to found out — that is what happened with Chloe at the end of season 3.

You could compare in some ways Lucifer’s secret to an aggrandize version of Chuck Bartowski’s secret over on Chuck that he was a spy with the intersect in his brain. He was wary to tell people because of the ramifications, but this did lead to some incredible moments — including when Captain Awesome and Morgan ended up finding out about it. Yet, there were also some characters who never did, including some folks at the Buy More. If everyone knows the truth, does the nature of the game become a little less fun? Is there a playfulness to the secret still being out there? Maybe this is some of what the writers will be wrestling with over the next few weeks.

We know that the writers are already working on a Lucifer season 5 and, absolutely, we’re excited to see what’s coming up with them.

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