Claws season 3 episode 5 promo: The quest to save Dean

ClawsIs Dean in trouble on Claws season 3 episode 5? His life may be in danger, but a lot of his surrounding world is. We’ve already seen that Virginia is drifting closer to EJ and, the more he keeps up his habits at the casino,k the more likely it is that he becomes dissociated from the whole world around him — including Desna and everyone else he cares about.

In the promo below for Sunday’s “Zaddy Was a Rolling Stone,” you get a sense of Desna’s desperation to make sure that her brother is okay. A lot of Dean’s new-found casino/Mahjong addiction has come via Mac, who has figured out a way in which to manipulate him to get whatever he wants. he’s proving himself to be as devious and maniacal as they come, understanding that breaking people emotionally is sometimes even more effective than doing so physically. It’s one thing to put characters in a position where they are hurt; it’s another where they are devastated and don’t quite know the way to properly move forward.

Beyond the situation with Dean, what else is coming up? Think in terms of Desna having to figure out what she wants out of her relationship with Roller, who she is getting closer to at a fairly rapid pace. Maybe the near-death experience that he went through changes things for the two of them; he wants to move in! Desna doesn’t seem too inclined to go along with that right away, but we could be moving a little bit closer within that direction. They’ve run the gamut of emotions and went through a lot together. We imagine that they’ll continue to get closer over time the rest of the season, provided that there aren’t any more stunning betrayals … and provided that both of them actually do survive most of what is being thrown at them. With Mac and Melba, they’re desperate enough to try something else on Roller. What we saw last week probably isn’t going to be enough.

If you do want to score some other news now when it comes to this episode of Claws, be sure to head over here! We’re going to be back with a full review of what’s transpiring come tomorrow night.

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