Blood & Treasure season 1 episode 8: a glimpse into Danny’s past

Blood & Treasure season 1On this week’s Blood & Treasure tradition was broken. In previous episodes fans followed Danny and Lexi to the next location of Cleopatra; however, during the episode “The Lunchbox of Destiny”, for the first time we saw the pair at a dead end. Last week Danny and Lexi discovered that Cleopatra was taken from Casablanca but her whereabouts after that remain a mystery.

This week the FBI offers Danny and Lexi information to help them in their search for Cleopatra, but only if Danny is able to get his incarcerated father to give up the location of paintings that he helped steal 20 years earlier. Lexi is shocked by the unknown knowledge about Danny’s father and is intrigued to know more. However, Danny’s lips remain sealed. When they arrive at the prison, the air is tense as Danny attempts to retrieve information from his father, but just as Danny suspected, he doesn’t give anything up. It isn’t until Danny and Lexi turn to leave when his father tells him to go visit his mother that Danny knows it’s a secret message.

Up until this point, not much has been known about Danny’s past except for a few details about his time in the FBI. But as far as his personal, family life this was the first time we got a glimpse into what made the morally-driven Danny to be the man he is. The moments where Danny told Lexi about his sweet-hearted mother, we knew that a big part of his heart comes from her, but the adventurous and spontaneous part of him is his father through and through. In addition, it explains why he is attracted to a thief.

When the pair arrive at Danny’s childhood home he finds the picture of him and his mother with the name “Tim Keeler” written on the back. The emotional moment is ruined when a group of mercenaries show up to capture any information Danny and Lexi find. The same group ambushes the pair in Cuba after Danny and Lexi successfully get the stolen paintings from Keeler.

As promised the FBI gets the folder Danny asked for in order to find out Cleopatra’s next location and off they set.

Overall, this episode was both entertaining and interesting because of its break from the previous episodes. Instead of focusing on the next location we saw the team without a clue as to where the Egyptian queen had gone to. The writers took the opportunity to organically tell the next piece of the puzzle while giving us information about Danny. It was a smart episode and one that worked well.

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Photo: CBS

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