Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 8 review: Sarge’s contingency plan

Agents of SHIELD

Entering Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 8, we were preparing ourselves to see the showdown of the Shrike. Sarge has been focusing on trying to find a way in order to take these things out — mostly on the basis of hate.

So who does Sarge hate? Izel, first and foremost. As it so turns out, she may be the creator of the Shrike and the one responsible for creating this whole mess-of-a-situation in the first place. Coulson hates her for all that she’s done to his family, so taking out both her and then also the shrike is personal to him. He’s going to need the help of SHIELD in order to do what he wants — hence, why he is there and why he is relying on the other members of the organization as much as he is.

Sarge knows that there is a race against time going on right now in order to stop the Shrike — the fast it spreads, the more likely it will be able to spawn off other shrikes. From there, the entire planet is going to be destroyed once and for all.

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Well, here’s the twist

As it turns out, Sarge has a plan in order to save Earth that he didn’t quite tell anyone about — he was going to blow up a big chunk of the planet in order to ensure that Izel and the shrike were dead. He had a powerful bomb on board his “delivery device” and it was ready to go off once it reached its final destination.

For Mack and Yoyo, they had a decision of their own to make — if they could stop Izel separate from what Sarge was doing, they could save the world! On the flip side, they could also try to blow up the truck in the middle of nowhere and try to save the world … at the expense of some of their team members.

The irony in all of this story is that while Sarge is working to stop Izel, Fitz and Simmons have been actually traveling alongside Izel as they work to make it back to Earth. They found it strange when they couldn’t find Izel or anyone else and found themselves unwilling passengers in the middle of a much larger plan.

The closing tag

At the end of the episode, we had a chance to see Enoch do what he can in order to create somewhat of an “organization.” What’s his end goal? He wants to “gather the fragments of the broken civilization and repair.” Enoch’s going to be attacked by his own people, but for now, their goal is trying to take out Leo and Jemma. There’s a problem here: Enoch’s people are going to try and take them out from afar.

CarterMatt Verdict

Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 8 was titled “Collision Course” and at the end of the episode, it was pretty darn clear where it got its name. After all, we witnessed a literal collision course happen throughout the hour as we saw the truck, Mac, and Izel all quickly start to approach one another. We’re seeing these groups inch closer and closer to one another and the end results of whatever happens could be crazy. We’re sure that the earth will survive, but who is going to go down along the way? That’s the sort of thing that you are left to wonder about and for good reason.

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