Could Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul ‘mystery project’ be announced soon?

Better Call Saul season 4

Throughout the past couple of weeks, there has been all sorts of speculation regarding a project set within the universe of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. It’s the sort of thing that we’re beyond excited about, especially since a discussion of a movie project has been out there for MONTHS. That goes along with the more recent conversation revolving all around Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s coordinated social-media posts.

One thing feels exceptionally clear at the moment — something is happening. Cranston and Paul wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. We also think that this is related to Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul in some way, given that they would have to realize how exceptionally cruel it would be to promote this otherwise. Even if the two were working on some other sort of movie project together, it would be cool … but also be an epic troll job to hype it up so much.

So we think that the two are involved in something. Maybe Paul is starring in the movie and Cranston is involved in some capacity. So, when could it be announced? We think AMC sneaking a little bit of time into their Walking Dead Comic-Con panel could be a good time in which to do it since they could generate a huge reaction from a lot of people in a single room … maybe. The danger there is that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are separate franchises. The big problem with the network doing some sort of announcement at SDCC is that there’s no Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul panel on schedule. If one is announced, we’ll know that something big is going down.

One way or another, we’re getting this announcement “very soon,” per the latest message from Paul and Cranston. We have to take the two guys at their word. “Very soon” to us means that we’ll have a chance to find out over the next couple of weeks. The tough realization is that “very soon” is just in relation to the announcement — more than likely, it’s going to be many more months after that until the new project is actually announced.

When do you think AMC could announce something? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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