Should Poldark season 5 open the door for a spin-off?

PoldarkFor a long time, we’ll admit that we were against the very idea of a Poldark spin-off on the basis of principle. It just didn’t seem to be something that would ever happen. The first four seasons were based almost entirely on the Winston Graham novels and it’s hard to take a dramatic 180-degree turn away from that for a story on some other characters — even though there are a lot of people who are worthy of their own separate lens.

Yet, things are now a little bit different entering Poldark season 5 for one reason more so than any other — the story of this season. This is the first season that isn’t directly adapted from the source material. Instead, Debbie Horsfield (the show’s lead writer) has confirmed that she took the story for season 5 from what should have happened to Ross Poldark in the time between books in Graham’s novels. It was a move that made more sense than the alternative, which would have required either recasting the main characters or forcing them to apply old-age makeup every day for months. (Can you imagine how long that would have taken for everyone?)

Anyhow, things are different now when it comes to the idea of a spin-off — and we absolutely do think now that there are some interesting ways in which to make it work.

Given that there are presumably a lot of things that happened to Ross in the time separate from the novels, couldn’t you make the same assumption for any other character? Whether it be Dwight, Morwenna, Drake, or even some new characters we’re going to meet, you have to presume that they’re going to have some more stories of their own — provided that they survive the events of some of what is coming up.

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The challenge of a Poldark spin-off

It begins with finding the right character to appear in it, and from there, creating an effective story. It needs to have some of the same elements that you have in the classic story — think romance, action, and heartwrenching drama — but also its own coat of paint. It can’t just be a recreation of Poldark since if it was, there is no point. You’d also have to get people over at the BBC and production company (Mammoth Screen) interested, and it couldn’t take away from a possible Poldark season 6 if you want to do something like that a little bit later on down the road.

As for whether or not we foresee this really happening, it’s unlikely. We do think that it’s a fun thing to think about, but we foresee instead everyone involved wanting to take on new properties with new potential audiences. You don’t have to stay within the world of Ross Poldark to keep some of its viewers.

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